it is officially the season of baking.  one of my absolute favorite things to do.  [if only i had the time i used to!]


maple {less}.

breakfast on a crisp Fall morning can get no better. love this fresh cream option for homemade waffles.

image via wholesome cook



thinking cooler weather that is close to my NY heart, + dreaming up baking some of my cinnamon swirl brioche to share with friends.



one of my favorite vintage bakeware tins is my grandmother’s madeleine tin. the beauty of the shell-like design paired with the delicacy of the cookie itself makes this such a romantic treat.

image via the cooks atelier

rustic rollings.

my friends at herriott grace are a beautiful father + daughter team with hand-crafted items that are so spectacular. doesn’t this rustic rolling pin just make you want to go bake a pie?

image via herriott grace

sweet as honey.

i was so excited to learn that our friend hannah is working on her very own cookbook! this lovely citrus tart {of hers!} was the perfect spring celebration.

image via honey and jam

nothing new.

this hobnail milk glass is nothing new, but hey, is anything i love really all that new? i can’t keep this stuff out of my head lately and have been envisioning pieces scattered around my rooms but this cluster keeps me focused and collecting.

image via living with imperfection

sticks & stirs.

love these simple hand-carved stirring spoons, perfect for a cozy beach cottage {is it summer yet?}

image via anthropologie

from tahiti with love.

to me there is something so romantic about baked confections. nothing makes the sweets even sweeter than luxurious {and gorgeous} vanilla beans.

image via gilt taste

holiday favorites.

one of my all-time favorite holiday cookies – the russian teacake. what are your holiday go-to’s?

image via barefoot in my kitchen

dark by design.

there is something about a dark food shot that i can’t get enough of. this caramel cake from one of my favorite foodies is no exception.

image via food52

board. not boring.

we are loving the new market concept over at west elm. and, these simple, strong cutting boards are another reason why.

have you discovered it yet?

image via west elm

form + function

function for fun holiday baking, form as beautiful display.

via west elm

pie perfect.

i love the tradition of a southern pie. for some reason i instantly fell in love with this ruffled number the moment i saw it.

image via williams-sonoma

rustic & repurposed.

an industrial whisk of days past lights the way for the future.

image via etsy


everyday items in luxurious ways is my passion.

image via BHLDN


as if the wooden spoon could get no better? these ceramic dipped spoons are both fabulous & functional.

image via ashes and milk


a stylish take on s’mores. i adore the vintage styling.

image via bakers royal