coffee berry.


it has definitely been a week for coffee – and this mug is perfect whether it be for elderflower or coffee, this design sings the song of beauty.

via gretel home

elderflower sips.

christina & i had the privilege of having this delicious elderflower beverage to sip and share at our recent Madewell event and I just couldn’t get enough. love the packaging and simplicity, straight from England.

image via amazon

nothing new.

this hobnail milk glass is nothing new, but hey, is anything i love really all that new? i can’t keep this stuff out of my head lately and have been envisioning pieces scattered around my rooms but this cluster keeps me focused and collecting.

image via living with imperfection

beautiful brass.

brass is so chic, so lasting and so here to stay. i love the simplicity of these brass beauties to open any beverage.

image via pot & pantry

nice packaging

i am one who enjoys a good cup of [decaf] coffee on the go.  i am not the best coffee brewer out there, + with packaging like this, it would be a stylish cup, too.


nice jugs.

i recently met the great folks behind slingshot coffee online and instantly fell in love with their beautiful, simple packaging. what product packaging has blown you away recently?

image via slingshot coffee

cafe cupped.

i have long loved these potted pieces, perfect for sipping your favorite home brew.

image via vietri



a little table with your coffee.

image via house and hold

serving style.

a touch of gold .

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