winter whites.

root & roasted veggies galore this time of year, especially this off-color variety. there has always been something about raw vegetables in photography that i just adore.

image via ephemera



it is officially the season of baking.  one of my absolute favorite things to do.  [if only i had the time i used to!]


maple {less}.

breakfast on a crisp Fall morning can get no better. love this fresh cream option for homemade waffles.

image via wholesome cook



one of my favorite things any time of the year, and classic like a little black dress.  a naked chocolate cake.



the fall chill is certainly in the air this week and has me dreaming about the rustic side of everything. love the addition of twigs to these beautiful caramel apples.

image via donna hay

elderflower sips.

christina & i had the privilege of having this delicious elderflower beverage to sip and share at our recent Madewell event and I just couldn’t get enough. love the packaging and simplicity, straight from England.

image via amazon

real woman eat dessert.


especially when it is moody, fruity + savory like this with lavendar whipped cream from sweet paul magazine.  as the cooler season is ahead, it makes me yearn for the days when i can get some baking done for my friends + family… and begin planning my champagne + cookies party for the holidays.

real men eat quiche.

i had the most delicious seasonal quiche this past week at a lunch meeting and this rustic spread reminded me of how versatile and decadent this transitional breakfast dish can be. what’s your favorite kind of quiche?

image via bathwater


with a tinge of unusual briskness in the air this past week, these rustic nuts instantly brought my mind to fall.

image via pinterest



thinking cooler weather that is close to my NY heart, + dreaming up baking some of my cinnamon swirl brioche to share with friends.



one of my favorite vintage bakeware tins is my grandmother’s madeleine tin. the beauty of the shell-like design paired with the delicacy of the cookie itself makes this such a romantic treat.

image via the cooks atelier

rustic rollings.

my friends at herriott grace are a beautiful father + daughter team with hand-crafted items that are so spectacular. doesn’t this rustic rolling pin just make you want to go bake a pie?

image via herriott grace

newborn nauticals.

goodness knows if i could be one place in the world, it may well be a sunny white sand beach. so, this nautical bib is the perfect accessory for my little man.

image via jcrew

i scream for ice cream.

with the warmer weather upon us, what better vessel for ice cream could you imagine?

image via pure home

sweet as honey.

i was so excited to learn that our friend hannah is working on her very own cookbook! this lovely citrus tart {of hers!} was the perfect spring celebration.

image via honey and jam

twig + stir

twigs + modern. perfect to pair with any of your newest dishware or your vintage pairings.

via west elm

chocolate cake.

there is nothing like just plain + simple chocolate cake. i am that girl that asks to hold the icing, please. this image reminds me of the cake i used to bake with my grandmother [and still bake today].



a toss up between what is better – the chocolate or the packaging?

image via bp&o


vanilla is that one ingredient that i always tend to add just a little extra. it is one my all-time favorite ingredient.


from tahiti with love.

to me there is something so romantic about baked confections. nothing makes the sweets even sweeter than luxurious {and gorgeous} vanilla beans.

image via gilt taste