January 6th, 2011

the rustic side of layla grayce.

oh we absolutely swoon over the fabulousness of Layla Grayce, there is no mistaking it. and their adorable co-founder + friend Wendy, so when we learned there had been “neutral overtaking” on the homepage, well, we just couldn’t resist.

here are a few of my favorites from the site currently:

:a I have been a fan of designer Aiden Gray since first discovery, and this laundry cart is no exception.

:b and sweet lollia is at it again. i truly cannot resist anything bottled, it’s a weakness.

:c and let’s not forgo the simple adorableness of this sweet cream set of newborn neutrals.

:d nor is this romantic chair + ottoman set that i could cozy up with on any given day.

e: and the deep charcoaling of this alpaca blanket. oh, how i adore alpaca!

so pop over and let us know what you think of the neutral takeover on their homepage!

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